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Saumya Agnihotri


Saumya Agnihotri is a Research Scholar at Department of Botany, DSB Campus, Kumaun Univesity, Nainital under the supervision of Dr. Sushma Tamta (Associate Professor), Kumaun Univesity, Nainital. She has completed her Postgraduation in Botany from Pt. L.M.S. (Autonomous) PG College, Rishikesh. The broad area of specialization for her research is Plant Tissue Culture. Currently she is working on propagation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand.

Along with biotechnological aspect, her work also is also focused on trade and value chain analysis studies of selected Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Kumaun Himalaya. Her work shows that the demand of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants has been increasing rapidly in local, national and international market due to less side effects. This has also resulted in growing scarcity of these plants in the region. Overgrazing, destructive and unsustainable harvesting are the main reason for habitat alteration. Many active government and non-government actors participate along the value chain from collection to the final product, showing increased profit at each stage. She has presented poster and paper in three conference and attended five workshops.