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Current FITM Fellows



  • Ms. Roma Pandey for "Developing standardized guidelines and procedures for post-harvest processing and value addition in herbal raw material of high value medicinal plants for small scale farmers and industries."
  • Ms. Preeti Dhobal for “Value Chain Analysis of Raw Materials used in Sowa Rigpa Traditional System”
  • Mr. Karunanidhi Sharma for “Gap, scope and limitations of India, USA, Europe and Canada countries for export for Ayurvedic medicine (from India) and possible suggestions for increment in it.”
  • Saranya S for “Health, economic and satisfaction level outcomes of Ayurveda: An evaluation of selected districts of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh”


  • Dr. Shivani Ghidiyal for “Compilation of medicinal herbs from Ayurveda classics and market survey.”
  • Jagriti Sharma for "A Comparative Assessment of Socioeconomic Determinants of Health Seeking Behaviour for Traditional Medicine in Rajasthan & Karnataka with special reference to Ayurveda"