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FITM-AYUSH Research Fellowship Scheme

In order to promote the Indian Systems of Medicine domestically and internationally, it is important to understand and assess regulatory frameworks, value chains, global economy of Traditional Medicine, and international legislations pertaining to the same. While there is a substantial body of clinical, pharmacological, pharmacognosy, and other related research on Indian Traditional Medicines (ITMs), there is greater need for research on economic, sociological, politico-economic, trade, management, and technology related aspects of ITM in health systems. Therefore, FITM has launched the Research Fellowship Programme to encourage and promote research in aforementioned areas.

Till now, FITM has awarded 2 year doctoral fellowships to two fellows. They are:

  • Doctoral:

  • Ms. Preeti Dhobal for “Value Chain Analysis of Raw Materials used in Sowa Rigpa Traditional System”
  • Mr. Karunanidhi Sharma for “Gap, scope and limitations of India, USA, Europe and Canada countries for export for Ayurvedic medicine (from India) and possible suggestions for increment in it.”
  • Post-Doctoral:

  • Dr. Shivani Ghidiyal for “Compilation of medicinal herbs from Ayurveda classics and market survey.”

The work of the Fellows is continuously reviewed and appraised by the FITM Fellowship committee. The Fellows have also been sending out papers based on these quarterly reports to various peer reviewed journals for publication