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Application FAQs  

What is the subject of Research?

Systems research that explores economic, sociological, politico-economic, trade, management and, information/digital technology related aspects of Indian traditional medicine systems.

The scheme does not apply to research on clinical, pharmacological, pharmacognosy and related subject areas

What are the types and duration of Fellowships being offered?

  • Doctoral Fellowships for duration of 2 years.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for duration of 1 year.

What is the eligibility criterion for application?

  • Educational backgrounds in any of AYUSH disciplines.
  • Additional qualification in any other specialisation especially IT is desirable.
  • Outstanding candidates from other disciplines may be considered.
  • Doctoral Research Fellowship applicant should be a full time PhD scholar in any UGC recognised Indian University, deemed University /Institute.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship applicant should have obtained his/her PhD degree at the time of application for the Fellowship.

What is the amount of Fellowship being offered?

  • A maximum of INR 5/- lakh (Rupees Five Lakh Only) per year for Doctoral Research Fellowship.
  • A maximum of INR 7.5/- lakh (Rupees Seven Lakh Fifty Thousand Only) per year for Postdoctoral Fellowship.

What is the age limit for applications?

For Doctoral Research Fellowship the upper age limit for applicants shall not be more than 30 years on the last date of application.
For Postdoctoral Research Fellowship the upper age limit should not be more than 35 years of age on the last date of application.
The upper age limit is relaxable upto 5 years in case of candidates belonging to scheduled castes/scheduled tribes/OBC, physically challenged and female applicants. 

What is the procedure for application?

Online applications

Applicants should submit duly filled online application at  and upload digital copies of required documents where required.

Guidelines for Submission of Proposal by Applicants

The Proposal is to broadly comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Title of the project.
  2. Statement of the Problem: In the opening paragraphs of the research proposal, the problem to be investigated should be stated clearly and briefly. The significance of the topic in the context of the ITMs should be explained.
  3. Overview of Literature: The overview of literature should summarize the current status of research, including major findings in the proposed area of study.  The research Proposal should clearly establish the relevance of the approaches and findings to the objective of Research Fellowship.
  4. Conceptual Framework: The Proposal should clearly indicate the concepts to be used and demonstrate their relevance for the study. It should further specify the empirical dimension, if any, that need to be explored for carrying out research.Research Questions/Hypotheses: Given the conceptual framework and dimensions of the research to be conducted, specific questions to be answered and hypotheses to be tested through the proposed study should be explicitly formulated, compatible with the research design.
  5. Coverage: In the light of the research proposed, if sampling becomes necessary, full information on the following points should be given: (I) universe of the study, (ii) sampling frame, and (iii) units of observation and sampling size.
  6. If the study requires any control groups, they should be specifically mentioned. An explanation of the determination of size and type of the sample shall also be necessary. Proposals not requiring a sample selection should specify their strategy appropriately and describe the rationale behind it.
  7. Methodology: A suitable description of the methods of research for the study may be given.
  8. Data Collection: The different types of data proposed to be collected should be clearly mentioned. The sources for each type and the tools and techniques that will be used for collecting these data should also be specified.
  9. Time Budgeting: The Proposal should have a clearly defined time line, specifying the time required for the completion of each stage of research.
  10. The Proposal is not to exceed a word limit of 3000.

 I had filled the application online but before I could click on the ‘Submit’ button, my net connection snapped and my application was lost. Will I need to fill it again?

Yes, if all data is lost you will need to fill the form again.

For Details on

  • Conditions of Grant
  • Obligations of Research Fellow
  • Termination of Fellowship
  • Facilities and Administrative Support
  • Publication Assistance in respect of Reports/ Books
  • Declaration/ Undertakings of selected Research Fellows
  •  Please refer to the FITM-AYUSH Fellowship Scheme available at